Asian Research Journal of Current Science

Proximate and Anti-Nutrient Composition of the Stem Bark of Ogirisi (Newbouldia leavis) Plant

Omaka Onyekachi

Page: 1-13
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Dissociation of Methane Hydrates in Hollow Silica Matrix with Different Water Ratios

V. Dhanunjana Chari, Pinnelli S. R. Prasad

Page: 20-26
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Essential Oil Composition of Artemisia herba-alba Grown in Egypt

Hussein A. H. Said-Al Ahl, Wafaa M. Hikal, Kirill G. Tkachenko

Page: 27-36
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Impact of Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) Oil Extract on Microbial Growth of Three Types of Bacteria and Yeast

Rufeida E. A. Ali, Huda A. H. Osman, Elhadi A. I. Elkhalil

Page: 14-19
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Ethnomedicinal value and Biological Activities of Spondias mombin L- A Concise Review

Astom Mondal, Rashbehari Bhar, Sankar Narayan Sinha

Page: 37-44
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