Asian Research Journal of Current Science

Factors Affecting the Trust in the Online Shopping and E-commerce Success of Companies

Farhang Salehi, Bentolhoda Abdollahbeigi, Seyedyaser Sajjady

Page: 1-5
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Managing Financial Inclusion Strategies and Economic Stimulation Effect in Nigeria within the COVID-19 Era

Tunde G. Monogbe, Chinonye Gift Igoni, Suoye Igoni

Page: 11-23
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Methoxychlor Hepatotoxicity and Trials of Camel Milk Restoration

Eman E. Elsharkawy, Eman M. Shaker, Neveen A. El-Nisr, Nahed, M. Wahba

Page: 24-35
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Prevalence of Malaria and Wiliness to Accept Malaria Vaccine amongst Parents, Guardians and Caregivers of Children under 5 Years

Omaka Onyekachi, C. Abana, Chioma, O. Nwajiobi, Favour

Page: 36-50
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Proximate and Anti-Nutrient Composition of the Stem Bark of Ogirisi (Newbouldia leavis) Plant

Omaka Onyekachi

Page: 51-63
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Dissociation of Methane Hydrates in Hollow Silica Matrix with Different Water Ratios

V. Dhanunjana Chari, Pinnelli S. R. Prasad

Page: 70-76
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Essential Oil Composition of Artemisia herba-alba Grown in Egypt

Hussein A. H. Said-Al Ahl, Wafaa M. Hikal, Kirill G. Tkachenko

Page: 77-86
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Deformation of Incompressible Hollow Cylindrical Structure Loaded by Azimuthal Shear

B. Ekeadinotu Chibueze, E. Bassey Julius

Page: 95-108
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Coupled Inductor and Voltage Doubler Circuit for High Step-Up DC-DC Converter

Abhinav V. Deshpande

Page: 109-118
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High Speed VLSI Implementation of a Serial-in Parallel-Out Finite Field Multiplier

Abhinav V. Deshpande

Page: 131-136
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Active Rectifiers for Reduced Harmonics in Inverters and Drives

Abhinav V. Deshpande

Page: 137-143
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Student Discipline and its Influence on Occupational Stress among Secondary School Teachers in Kenya

Lucy Kemunto, Judith Owaa, Pamella Raburu

Page: 144-160
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Does Cryptocurrency Transactions Benefit ICT Businesses in Uyo Metropolis: Evidence from a Field Survey

Uduak Michael Ekong, Emmanuel Ogbe, Samuel Effiong Isaac

Page: 175-193
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Comparison of Fuzzy Logic Controller with PID Controller in Induction Motor Control

Abhinav V. Deshpande

Page: 194-198
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Direct Cum Video Ophthalmoscopic System with Digital Image Processing Techniques

Abhinav V. Deshpande

Page: 199-208
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Binomial Transform of the Generalized Pentanacci Sequence

Yüksel Soykan

Page: 209-231
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An Investigative Approach towards Various Image Segmentation Algorithms Used for Traffic Sign Recognition

Abhinav V. Deshpande

Page: 232-239
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Design of Meander Spring for Automotive Passive Limited Slip Differentials

N. A. Abdel-Halim

Page: 240-252
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The Effect of Husbandry and Management System on Camel Leather Production and Quality in North Kordofan State

Mohammed Alhadi Ebrahiem, Hafiz Ahmed Ali Hamed, Salah Eldeen E. Ahmed

Page: 253-260
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Design a Modified Hairpin Filter for Wider Bandwidth

Abhinav V. Deshpande

Page: 261-269
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Binding Chracteristics of Food Packaging Waste as Soil Stabilizing Material for Construction of Rural Structures

O. S. Enokela, E. P. Onjewu

Page: 270-276
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Assessment of Nutritional, Physicochemical and Minerals Compositions of Local Snack (Gaskami) Processed from Parkia biglobosa Pulp in Northern Nigeria

Samira I. Umar, Garba A. Salisu, Saba J. Jiya, Salisu Abubakar

Page: 277-286
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Evaluation of Phonological, Morphological Traits in Different Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp) Genotypes and their Resistance to Bruchid Insects, In North Kordofan State, Sudan

Mohamed S. Mohamed, Salah eldeen E. Ahmed, Atif E. Idris, Omer R. Mohamed, Awad A. Ahmed

Page: 287-294
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Impact of Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) Oil Extract on Microbial Growth of Three Types of Bacteria and Yeast

Rufeida E. A. Ali, Huda A. H. Osman, Elhadi A. I. Elkhalil

Page: 64-69
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Can Whistle-blowing Policy Promote the Nigerian Economy? A Review

Lucky Orlu, Araniyar C. Isukul, Williams Odiche

Page: 6-10
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Ethnomedicinal value and Biological Activities of Spondias mombin L- A Concise Review

Astom Mondal, Rashbehari Bhar, Sankar Narayan Sinha

Page: 87-94
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Carbon Nanotube-Based Hybrid Composites in Drone Design Technology for Vaccination of Wild Animals

Brahim Attaf

Page: 161-174
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A Review about Computational Methods Dedicated to Apple Fruit Diseases Detection

R. Manavalan

Page: 119-130
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