Can Whistle-blowing Policy Promote the Nigerian Economy? A Review

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Lucky Orlu
Araniyar C. Isukul
Williams Odiche


Whistleblowing policy was introduced as a means to receive complaints of diverted funds meant for economic development or nation-building into a private purse unlawfully. It is a Federal Government policy in Nigeria to fight against corruption for the recovery of unlawful sum of money from individuals and public officers. The Government strengthened and motivated the policy by rewarding any genuine whistleblower. The study was carried out to assessed the compliance level based on sum of money recovered, and the effect on the Nigerian economy. In carrying this study, it was revealed that there is a relationship between whistleblowing and the economy of Nigeria. Further, the government assurance of whistleblowers showed a confidentiality subject to accuracy of the information been revealed on the portal.

Whistle-blowing, economy, policy, EFCC, ICPC, Nigeria.

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Orlu, L., Isukul, A. C., & Odiche, W. (2021). Can Whistle-blowing Policy Promote the Nigerian Economy? A Review. Asian Research Journal of Current Science, 3(1), 6-10. Retrieved from
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