On the Review of Riemann and Riemann Stieljtes Integrals

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Eziokwu, C. Emmanuel


This work seeks an understanding of integration as a generalization of the summation process either in the Riemann or the Riemann Stieljtes sense as the case may be.

First, on having an interval [a, b] in ℝ, a partition is constructed with which the Riemann sums R(f, p) is calculated and if such sums tends to a finite  limit and the mesh m(p) tends to zero then the function is intergrable and the Riemann integration of such function is defined as


for any partition p ∈ ℝ  and p' in [a, b] ∈ ℝ and  p' a refinement of  p

where U(f, p) and L(f, p)  have their usual meanings.

Again, With the interval [a, b] and a partition on it such that the Riemann Stieljtes sums of f  with respect to a, R (f, p, a) are calculated and if such sums tends to a finite limit as the mesh m(p) to zero then the function is Riemann Stieljtes integrable and such integral is then defined as


for any partitions p and p' in [a, b]  and p'  a refinement of p where  U(f, p', a) and L(f, p, a)have their usual meanings.

Further, we explored the various properties of the Riemann and Riemann Stieljtes integrals in form of theorems and lemma and in the last section we stated and proved some important and advanced results on the subject.

Intervals, partition, infimum, supremum, lower sum, upper sum, integral

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