A Review Application Method of Detecting Toxins in Food by Nanoaptamr

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Zahra Kahrarian
Mozhdeh Horriat
Yasser Shahbazi


Today, with the population increase. Useing of new  methods to detect contamination in the food industry,  a new approach that could be considered. Biosensors for rapid and highly sensitive method to detect microbiological contamination are used in food industry. Biosensors technology as a new science, powerful alternative to traditional analysis techniques in the field of food industry. Many applications of nanotechnology in agriculture and food development of nanoscale biosensors for monitoring and control of materials and processes used food. Nano-biosensors and nano-biotechnology in combination with electronic processes and specific response to a specific matter Analyst tools detailed in the tiniest dimensions. Using these sensors detect trace amounts of harmful chemical substances, viruses and bacteria in the food industry, agriculture and the environment made possible the development of quality control has been dramatic. Aptamer nanoparticles can have a huge potential diagnostic functions. Nanvaptamr compounds to detect food pathogens is considered. The purpose of this review was to review the nano-optemer method for the detection of food toxins.

Aptamer, toxin, Nanotechnology, bio nanosensor, pathogens, food safety.

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Kahrarian, Z., Horriat, M., & Shahbazi, Y. (2019). A Review Application Method of Detecting Toxins in Food by Nanoaptamr. Asian Research Journal of Current Science, 1(1), 11-19. Retrieved from https://globalpresshub.com/index.php/ARJOCS/article/view/728
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