Investigation of MHD Heat and Mass Transfer of Prandtl Nano-fluid Flow in the Presence of Variable Viscosity, and Hall Effect


Published: 2023-10-11

Page: 244-258

Mohammad Hossain

Department of Mathematics, Bangladesh University, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh.


Department of Mathematics, Bangladesh University, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh.

R. Biswas *

Department of Mathematics, Bangladesh University, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


The reality of chemical response, changing viscosity, Soret, and Hall current, as well as Prandtl nanofluid, are discussed. The conventional mathematical approach of transformation is used for transforming the model equations into nondimensional form, and the consequent nondimensional partial differential equations are then solved using the explicit finite difference method. After a stability test, the data are plotted using the graphics programme TECPLOT-9. With the assistance of computer programming languages, the results appear for a number of dimensionless elements on velocity, temperature, and concentration profiles along with the local skin friction, local Nusselt number, and local Sherwood number. 6.6a with COMPAQ Visual Fortran. Graphs have been used to discuss the results. Finally, we determined that a Soret number diminishes the local skin-friction coefficient whereas the thermophoresis parameter and Brownian motion improve it. It has been shown that varying Nb, Nt, Rd, and S values increase the primary velocity. Prandtl number and magnetic parameter induced a reduction in temperature. The diagrams additionally present the streamlines and isotherms for various parameters.

Keywords: Prandtl nano-fluid, brownian motion, MHD and radiation

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Hossain , M., Sohag, & Biswas , R. (2023). Investigation of MHD Heat and Mass Transfer of Prandtl Nano-fluid Flow in the Presence of Variable Viscosity, and Hall Effect . Asian Research Journal of Current Science, 5(1), 244–258. Retrieved from


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