Deformation of Incompressible Hollow Cylindrical Structure Loaded by Azimuthal Shear

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B. Ekeadinotu Chibueze
E. Bassey Julius


The research is centred on isotropic, incompressible hollow cylindrical structure that is deforming under pure azimuthal shear. The mathematical formulation of angular displacement of the structure resulted into a non-linear second order ordinary differential equations. The resulting solutions of the boundary value problems were obtained through software analysis of the angular displacement. The effect of stress components and material parameters on the angular displacement of the structure were illustrated and compared.

Pure azimuthal shear, isotropic material, angular displacement and elasticity

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Chibueze, B. E., & Julius, E. B. (2021). Deformation of Incompressible Hollow Cylindrical Structure Loaded by Azimuthal Shear. Asian Research Journal of Current Science, 3(1), 95-108. Retrieved from
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