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2020- Volume 2 [Issue 1]

On Analytical Review of the Gamma Functions

Eziokwu, C. Emmanuel

Page: 28-33
Abstract View: 531 times | PDF Download: 366 times

On Elements of Evolution and Genetics in the Application of Genetic Algorithm to Optimization Mathematics

Eziokwu, C. Emmanuel, Avoaja, A. Diana, Ekemezie, Chinenye Loveth

Page: 34-59
Abstract View: 496 times | PDF Download: 377 times

Effect of Rehydration Methods on Sensitivity of Desiccated-frozen Groundnut Seeds

Entisar Elilah, B. Mohammed Ahmed, Salah Eldeen, E. Ahmed

Page: 60-67
Abstract View: 443 times | PDF Download: 277 times

Genetic Components and Nature of Gene Action in Some New Hybrids of Grain Sorghum under Drought Conditions

M. E. M. El- Sagheer, Bahaa A. Zarea

Page: 68-79
Abstract View: 427 times | PDF Download: 235 times

Effect of Supplementation on Feed Intake and Body Weight Gain of Abergelle Goats in Tigray, Ethiopia

Meseret Redae, Tikabo Gebremariam, Teferi Aregawi

Page: 80-94
Abstract View: 123 times | PDF Download: 68 times

Senecio filaginoides DC as a Source of Allelopathic Agents and Its Possible Use as a Bioherbicide

Luz Alejandra Arancibia, Alexis Michel Henriquez, Alicia Beatriz Marchiaro

Page: 101-107
Abstract View: 52 times | PDF Download: 35 times

Identification of Packaging Materials to Preserve Seed Germination and Moisture Content in Lentil until Commercial Storage [Lens culinaris Medikus]

Ayesha Negi, Bhim Jyoti, Ajay Kumar, Amol Vasishth

Page: 108-116
Abstract View: 29 times | PDF Download: 19 times

Analysing the Propagation of the Coronavirus Epidemic in the USA

Mihir Dash

Page: 95-100
Abstract View: 107 times | PDF Download: 31 times

On the Review of Riemann’s Line and Double (Surface) Integrals

Eziokwu, C. Emmanuel

Page: 1-13
Abstract View: 669 times | PDF Download: 399 times

On Analytical Review of Conjugate and Reflexive Spaces

Eziokwu, C. Emmanuel

Page: 14-27
Abstract View: 716 times | PDF Download: 421 times

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