Asian Journal of Sociological Research

Quilombola Aesthetic as a Political Articulation

Bárbara Hilda Crespo Prado de Carvalho, Wania Amelia Belchior Mesquita

Page: 1-8
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Maternal Mortality in India to achieve the Goal of MDG, 2000

Barun Kumar Mukhopadhyay

Page: 20-29
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Role of Organizational Behavior Maturity in the Business Success of the Start-ups

Farhang Salehi, Bentolhoda Abdollahbeigi, Maryam Khanian Najafabadi, Seyedyaser Sajjady

Page: 30-34
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Conducting Quality Assurance in Educational Games at Kindergartens and Nurseries

Maha Mahmoud Talaat Mustafa

Page: 35-49
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Target Language Use in Online Classroom at School Level: A Language and Non-Language Teacher Perspective

Lalitha Devi Bommanaboina, P. Madhumathi

Page: 62-70
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A Study on Job Stress during Work from Home in the IT Industry

Gayathri Ranjit, P. Akhila

Page: 71-80
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Youth Perception towards Mobile Wallets in the City of Trivandrum

Gayathri Ranjit, Athira Chandran

Page: 13-19
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A Study on Work Stress Management among Employees in a Spinning Mill in Kerala

Gayathri Ranjit, Muhammed Akhil

Page: 81-87
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Significance of Scientific Research in the Educational System

Sameer Abuzandah, Rasha Alshehre

Page: 9-12
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A Systematic Review on Understanding the Digital Rural Entrepreneurship

Kurshiah Ahmad, Fatimah Hassan, Siti Masayu Rosliah Abdul Rashid

Page: 108-117
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Prevention and Detection of Physical and Psychological Violence among School Children

Elia Saneleuterio, Rocío López-García-Torres, Teresa Fernández-Ulloa

Page: 50-61
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Illustrating Literacy Materials for Endangered Languages: Ethical Dilemmas and Artistic Trials

Joan Marie Kelly, Alexander R. Coupe, František Kratochvíl, Lim Qixuan, Ng Xiao Yan, Ong Han Yu, Amos Teo, Lauren Gawne

Page: 88-107
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