Asian Journal of Sociological Research

Reporting on COVID-19: How Indian TV Media Deliver Threat and Uncertainty over Efficacy

Disha Batra, Vivek Kumar

Page: 1-14
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The Success of Using Assistive Technology with Disabled and Non-Disabled Students

Sameer Abuzandah

Page: 15-18
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Relationship between Neuroticism and Social Adjustment of Undergraduate Students in One Selected University in Kenya

Joshua Okoth Komolo, Peter J. O. Aloka, Pamela Raburu

Page: 19-28
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Relationship between Awfulizing Irrational Beliefs and Stress among Orphaned Students in Kenyan Public Secondary Schools

Millicent Awino Umija, Peter J. O. Aloka, Washington Wachianga

Page: 29-40
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Critical Race Theory and the Prevalence of White Privilege in Education

Sameer Abuzandah

Page: 41-44
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