Counselling Post School Shooting Incidents: What are the Issues?

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Michael F. Shaughnessy
Lyle Marty Holin II
Aaron Johnson
Mia Cordova


School shootings, church shootings and even library and disco shootings are becoming more common. Counsellors are often called upon to assist, to provide comfort and solace and to help individuals cope and deal with the immense tragedy that is often unexplainable. This paper will address some of the past research in this realm, and cursorily review the literature and will attempt to address some of the research questions that need to be addressed and investigated Death is something that is difficult for many to address. The death of a close friend or a classmate in a school shooting is even more terrible. The aftermath of such an event is EVEN MORE horrible as flashing images careen across one's mind and often cause nightmares and other post-traumatic difficulties. To witness one’s best friend being shot or to observe a fellow student (or a complete stranger) firing bullets into the bodies of classmates is surely an event that no student anticipates. Yet it is occurring with greater and greater frequency across the United States and literally around the world. The student is under assault in the place that perhaps he has felt most secure- in a building led by adults who seem to be protective, caring individuals. Suddenly they are thrust into a classroom filled with blood and dead bodies of their classmates or fellow athletes and they may even have seen a teacher give their own life in an attempt to save or protect his or her students.

Violence, school shooting, counseling, post traumatic stress disorder.

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