Repercussions of Emerging Urban Societies in Northeast India: A Closer Look at Manipur

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Published: 2023-07-17

Page: 48-56

Vanita Chawadha *

CIAS/SIS JNU, New Delhi-110067, India.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


The study shows the parameters of growth and progress from urbanization point of view and analyzing the impacts of urbanization in northeast India, particularly in Manipur state. Formation of cities always attracts people from villages and the surrounding areas. Poverty, unemployment, lack of resources and comfort life are few factors that influence the migration into cities. Today, it is an important to investigate forming new cities and their possible impacts in contrast to noticing benefits and profits. In other words, it can be a question between blessings and curse behind such formations in the states like Manipur. The issue of urbanization may be discussed under five sections. First section will be focusing on the historical context of urbanization. Second section will be the theory part of urbanization. Third section will discuss the meaning of urbanization. Fourth section will describe the current trends of urbanization in northeast regions and Manipur as well. Due to urbanization, there are economic, physical, and social and government and administrative problems have been occurred in Manipur. Fifth section is concluding the whole picture of urbanization with suggesting some remedies and solutions.

Keywords: Urbanization, Northeast India, Manipur, problems and remedies

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