Youth Perception towards Mobile Wallets in the City of Trivandrum

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Gayathri Ranjit
Athira Chandran


The paper helps to analyze the attitude of youth towards the E- transaction platforms. Today’s youngsters mainly use the mobile wallet platforms for various transactions. The objective of the present study is to analyze the main factors which affect the usage of mobile wallet and also helps to know the main factors which hinders the usage of M-Wallet. For this purpose, the data was collected from 250 young users in Trivandrum city. The study is based on the primary data. Anova, chi-square and weighted average is used for better results. The main findings were: age group has a significance on the usage of mobile wallet, monthly income has no impact on the usage of mobile wallet, also the top three hindering factors which affect the usage of mobile wallet are; lack of awareness, internet connectivity issues and the confusion regarding which mobile wallet platform to be used. The recommendations were given on the basis of the findings arrived from the data interpretation. The study recommends to take necessary steps to help users escape fraudulent activities.

Mobile wallet, internet connectivity, e-transactions, hindering factors

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Ranjit, G., & Chandran, A. (2021). Youth Perception towards Mobile Wallets in the City of Trivandrum. Asian Journal of Sociological Research, 5(2), 13-19. Retrieved from
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