Significance of Scientific Research in the Educational System

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Sameer Abuzandah
Rasha Alshehre


This pаper explores the published material on the topic of significance of the scientific research in the educational system. It demonstrates how important it is for enriching the educational system with the new methods and contents.

The history clearly demonstrates a value of the scientific research for the education development in every aspect. However, there are different issues with the claiming а scientific research аs the one, which is advantageous not only for the educational field itself. There is а lot of skepticism about it but Shavelson and Towne try to fight the prejudice and make the persuasive arguments. They state that scientific research in the educational system doesn’t differ much from any other sphere of knowledge. It has already contributed to the police and practice development. There are also six principles of scientific inquiry that support an equation of the educational scientific research with the studies in any other science.

The research design guidelines also play a great role as a basis of the educational research’s solemnity. They provide with the precious understanding of choosing the right questions as a way to the necessary answers. The researchers confirm that there are different questions, which serve various purposes and all of them have their place in the educational research.

In the course of discourse importance of the scientific educational research proved its opulence. This resulted in the national support of the numerous researches and more creative point of view that helps in the constant perfection of the process.

Scientific research, professional education development process, upbringing, educational systems

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