Blasphemy: Freedom of Expression or Mental Torture?

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Muhammad Ali
Liu Yi Deng
Muhammad Khabeer Khalid


Torture, either exerted physically or mentally is considered a crime according to various national and international documents. The act of blasphemy is also a crime under the local legislations of many countries. The human right of freedom of expression is not an absolute right. The practice of freedom of expression without keeping it under reasonable limits may lead to religious, political or cultural blasphemy. For some, blasphemous expressions are freedom of expression but they can cause serious mental torture to the followers of a specific culture, political ideology or especially religion.  

Blasphemy, mental torture, freedom of expression

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Ali, M., Deng, L. Y., & Khalid, M. K. (2021). Blasphemy: Freedom of Expression or Mental Torture?. Asian Journal of Sociological Research, 4(3), 14-19. Retrieved from
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