Dr. Pasquale Russo

Pasquale Russo obtained his Ph.D. in “Management of Innovation in the Agriculture and Food Systems of the Mediterranean Region ”, at the Univer sity of Foggia (Foggia, Italy); a Masters degree in “Biotechnology”(Aliter, EIN, Madrid, Spain); and holds a degree in “Food Science andTechnology”, at the Univer sity of Foggia (Foggia, Italy). He has over ten years experience of microbiological research and food biotechnology. His main area of expertise is in the fields of foo d microbiology, food biotechnology, and food safety. His current research deals with design of autochthonous starter cultures tailored for traditional fermented foods; characterization of probiotic bacteria; formulation of functional foods; antimicrobial activity of food-grade bacteria; detection and control of foodborne pathogenic microorganisms; biofilm formation and control; selection of natural overproducing riboflavin Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) strains for the in situ bio - fortification of fermented foods; metagenomic, pro teomic, and comparative genomic of LAB; gene regulation under abiotic stress in microorganisms of industrial interest. Pasquale Russo is co-founder of Promis Biotech s.r.l. a spin off incubated at the University of Foggia (Foggia, Italy), mainly active in the field of food biotechnology; selection, characterization and production of yeasts and bacteria for the agro -food sector.