2021 - Volume 3 [Issue 1]

Original Research Article

Axillary Application of Urea and Identification of Hidden Nitrogen Deficiency in Green Dwarf Coconut Palm

Rosely Menezes da Silva Ribeiro, João Pedro de Barros Reicao Cordido, Laura Rodrigues Silveira, Luciana Aparecida Rodrigues

Gainful Foliar and Seed Coating Applications of Carbon Nanotube in Pea (Pisum sativum L.) Crop

Mohamed F. Mohamed, Sadoun M. E. Sultan, Gamal H. Abd-elrahim, Mohamed S. S. El-basyouny

Role of Effective IT Governance on Development of Agriculture Industry in Canada

Farhang Salehi, Bentolhoda Abdollahbeigi, Seyedyaser Sajjady

Assessment of Existing Palearcatic Migrant Birds in Jabel El Dayer National Park, North Kordofan State, Sudan

Ahmed H. Ibrahim, Mohammed A. O. Rahom, Tigani Allam, Muneer E. S. Eltahir

Value Chain Analysis for Ziziphus spina - christi in Sheikan Locality, North Kordofan State, Sudan

Faisal I. Musa, Osman E. A. Abdelkareem, Hamdoon A. Abdelrhman, Muneer E. S. Eltahir, Seif Aldin D. A. Fragallah, Elmugheira M. I. Mohammed, Mohammed O. Hassan

Gum Arabic Value Chain and the Share of Stakeholders under the Applied Free- Trade Policy, Sudan

Mohammed O. Hassan, Ali A. Salih, Muneer E. S. Eltahir, Faisal I. Musa

Impact of Climate Change on Agro-forestry System and Adaptation strategies, Bara Locality, North Kordofan, Sudan

Awad Elkarim Suliman Osman Khalifa, Elamin Sanjak, Elham Mohammed El Sheikh El Gorashi, Mohamed Eltom Elhaja, Elmar Csaplovics, Ahmed Ismail Ahmed Safi

Participation of Local Community in Tree Conservation Practices for Sustainable Forest Management in Mzinga River Catchment, Uluguru Mountains – Tanzania

Seif Aldin Dawina Abdallah Fragallah, L. L. L. Lulandala, Muneer E. S. Eltahir, Awad Elkarim Suliman Osman Khalifa, Salah Eldeen Esmail Ahmed, Kamal Hassan Suliman, Elgodah H. Ahmed, Faisal. I. Musa, Elly Josephat Ligate

Regeneration of Carica papaya “Rathna” Variety through Somatic Embryogenesis from Immature Zygotic Embryos

A. D. R. P. Aluthge, S. M. S. Nagahawaththa, B. M. V. S. Basnayake, C. Hettiarachchi, D. M. J. B. Senanayake

Spatial Variability and Fertility Mapping for Site-Specific Management of a Smallholder Farm in Minna, Nigeria

Baba A. Lawal, Maruf K. A. Adeboye, Philips A. Tsado, Tetengi Mohammed, Abdulwahab A. Panti

Effect of Plastic Mulching and Maize Density on Shoot and Root Allocation

Ibrahim M. Eldoma, Feng-Min Li, Fang Zhang, Li Ming

Role of Research Results Applied and Services Providing Sectors in Rehabilitating, Improving and Developing Gum Arabic Sector of North Kordofan, Sudan

Abdel Aziz Elsaied Hussien Hamad, El Shifa Ali Merghani, Tahani Mahmoud Amin, Talaat Defalla Abdel Magid, Muneer Elyas Siddig Eltahir

Review Papers

Bioinformatics Approaches toward Plant Breeding Programs

Marina A. Ibrahim, Marina A. Shehata, Nancy N. Nasry, Mariam S. Fayez, Sabah K. Bishay, Mariam M. Aziz, Nardeen R. Ratib, Nessma K. Ahmed, Shimaa M. Ali, E. Ismail, Galal A. R. El-Sherbieny, Haitham M. A. Elsayed

Mini Review Papers

Review Article

Banana Peels as Possible Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Agents

Wafaa M. Hikal, Miroslava `Kačániová, Hussein A. H. Said-Al Ahl

Regulation of Potato Tuber Dormancy

Bizuayehu Desta, Netsanet Tena, Getachew Amare

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