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2021 - Volume 3 [Issue 2]

Assessment of Existing Palearcatic Migrant Birds in Jabel El Dayer National Park, North Kordofan State, Sudan

Ahmed H. Ibrahim, Mohammed A. O. Rahom, Tigani Allam, Muneer E. S. Eltahir

Page: 1-18
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Value Chain Analysis for Ziziphus spina - christi in Sheikan Locality, North Kordofan State, Sudan

Faisal I. Musa, Osman E. A. Abdelkareem, Hamdoon A. Abdelrhman, Muneer E. S. Eltahir, Seif Aldin D. A. Fragallah, Elmugheira M. I. Mohammed, Mohammed O. Hassan

Page: 19-30
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Effect of Water Stress on Acacia senegal Seedlings from Different Seed Sources in Kordofan, Sudan

Yahia I. M. Abutaba, Tagwa M. Faragallaa, Muneer E. S. Eltahir

Page: 31-39
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Gum Arabic Value Chain and the Share of Stakeholders under the Applied Free- Trade Policy, Sudan

Mohammed O. Hassan, Ali A. Salih, Muneer E. S. Eltahir, Faisal I. Musa

Page: 40-51
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Comparing the Methods of Determining Infiltration Rates Using Different Mulch Materials in a Semi-Arid Environment

Jibrin M. Dibal, A. Y. Arku, N. A. Abubakar, A. B. Mustapha

Page: 52-57
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