Role of Effective IT Governance on Development of Agriculture Industry in Canada

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Farhang Salehi
Bentolhoda Abdollahbeigi
Seyedyaser Sajjady


Information Technology (IT) is one of the most important human scientific achievements that seem to have offered many capabilities to human society and are expected to be effective in solving the existing economic problems. Many researchers believe that accelerating and modifying the process of knowledge and information exchange through communication and information technology will play a key role in achieving human resource development and sustainable development, and that knowledge-based it becomes. The complexity, changes, and variables of human factors and the unpredictability of environmental and global economic factors affect agricultural activities. Also, the strategic importance of food security and tackling poverty has added to the importance of agricultural development. The increasing globalization of trade in agricultural products and the widespread competition in this field, which has changed the framework of market equations, will subject all components of the agricultural industry to fundamental and structural changes. The impact of environmental factors and changes in water and climate, which have brought about fundamental changes in agriculture, will inevitably have the greatest destructive effect on agricultural activities. Given both of the above components, agricultural policymakers and researchers will face increasing and unpredictable challenges in the coming decade, despite their unpreparedness. The use of IT in the agricultural industry helped to improve many issues, however, achieving the effective use of IT is a great challenge for agriculture organizations. The data will be obtained from agricultural companies; Samples will be selected from four provinces of Canada (Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario). This topic of research has considerable significance in Canada; a significant contribution of this study is the construction of a theoretically based model that assimilates the effective information technology governance, and agricultural development of Canada.

IT governance, agriculture industry, development, economic growth.

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Salehi, F., Abdollahbeigi, B., & Sajjady, S. (2021). Role of Effective IT Governance on Development of Agriculture Industry in Canada. Asian Journal of Research and Review in Agriculture, 3(1), 41-45. Retrieved from
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