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Current Issue

2024 - Volume 6 [Issue 1]

Original Research Article

Sexual Dimorphism in Body Weight, Morphometric and Growth Traits of Japanese Quails (Coturnix coturnix japonica) Reared in Southern Nigeria

Ipinnu John Akingboye, Kolawole Daniel Afolabi, Isongesit Patrick Solomon, Imaobong Albert Etang, Itorobong Friday Umoh

Physicochemical Properties and Microbiological Evaluation of Sausage Prepared from Different Proportion of Chicken and Beef

Akinleye, Sule Bamidele, Adeyemi Saheed Abimbade, Umar Musa Muhammad, Usman Grace Ojali , Jibrin Netala

Effect of different Chicken Manure Rates on Yield and Quality of Sudan Grass (Sorghum sudanense Piper.)

Feisal M. Ismaeil, Salah Eldeen E. Ahmed , Abderhim A. Jabereldar , Entisar Elilah B. Mohammed Ahmed , Mohammed H. B

Soil Characteristics, Water Quality Assessment and Mapping of Agricultural Land Use in Raya Azebo, Tigray, Ethiopia

Medhn Berhane, Esayas Meresa , Abbadi Girmay , Gebrejewergs Aredehey , Kahsa Beyene