An Overview of Oral Health Situation and Challenges in Myanmar

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Ei Ei Aung
Khin Maung
Takashi Zaitsu
Yoko Kawaguchi


The study aims to give an overview on the oral health situation and challenges in Myanmar for policy consideration to promote the healthy life; and to support the equity position in the implementation of reasonable interventions in the country. This review was based on the data collected from scientific articles, conference presentations, documents and information from reliable websites of governmental and non-governmental organisations related to the context of oral health in Myanmar. From the review, it was observed that the oral health condition of the Myanmar population had not been much improved since 1999. The private sector is the main provider of oral health care services with a large proportion of the population paying out-of-pocket for these services. Dental caries and periodontal diseases are the common oral diseases in Myanmar, and oral cancer occurrences showed upward trends in both sexes. The high proportion of untreated caries showed lack of people’s awareness regarding oral problems, low utilisation of oral health care services, and unmet needs. The dentist-to-population ratio is approximately 1:16000, and there are no dental therapists and dental hygienists in Myanmar. These findings suggest an urgent need to address inequalities in access to quality oral health care and oral health status between urban and rural areas. The auxiliary dental health worker should be trained to provide primary oral health care services at the locations that are underserved. Moreover, the public oral health care system needs to be strengthened; also, the creation of political priority towards oral health is essential to promote the oral health and overall well-being of the Myanmar population.

Myanmar, oral health status, dental caries, periodontal disease, oral cancer, Myanmar Dental Association, Myanmar Dental Council

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