Dr. Krasimir Yankov Yordzhev


Krasimir Yankov Yordzhev, D. Sc., Faculty: South-West University, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria. D. Sc. Thesis:Bitwise operations and combinatorial algorithms with binary matrices, sets and graphs.Prof. D. Sc. I. Buyukliev, prof. PhD R. Pavlov, prof. PhD V.Dimitrov, Academic rank:associate professor. Country:Bulgaria. Reviewers:Prof. D. Sc. Krasimir Atanasov, PhD Slavcho Shtrakov. Date:23.04.2001. Experience and Realization: SWU "N. Rilski" FMNS, Department of "informatics".Associate professor:from: 30.05.2001 to: currently. Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria.Trakia University, Technical College. Assistant Professor:from: 01.09.1992 to: 05.30.2001Yambol, Bulgaria. Kiev University "T. Shevchenko". PhD student:from: 31.10.1988 to: 01.09.1992 Kiev, Ukraine. IPPKUP.Assistant: from: 01.09.1986 to: 30.10.1988,Yambol, Bulgaria. Institute of Hydraulics and Pneumatics. Fellow:from: 01.09.1983 to: 01.09.1986 Kazanlak, Bulgaria.