Effect of Surface Tension and Hall Currents on Rotatory Magneto-Thermosolutal Convection of Ferromagnetic Fluids Saturating Porous Medium

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Sumit Gupta


In this study, the effect of Hall currents, rotation, surface tension and solute parameter on the onset of convection in a porous medium layer saturated by an electrically conducting ferromagnetic fluid heated from below using linear stability analysis is investigated. Darcy law for the ferromagnetic fluid is used to model the momentum equations for a porous medium. The employed model incorporates the effects of polarization force and body couple. The coupled partial differential equations governing the physical problem are reduced to a set of ordinary differential equations using normal mode technique. These equations are solved analytically for stress- free boundaries and numerical results are computed by obtaining approximate solutions using Galerkin method using the software Mathematica for the case of stationary convection. It is found that the magnetic field and magnetization have a stabilizing effect as such their effect is to postpone the onset of thermal instability; whereas Hall currents and solute parameter are found to hasten the same. The medium permeability and rotation hastens the onset of convection under certain conditions. The effect of surface tension dissipates the energy of any disturbance more than that carried out by the magnetic field and it plays the fundamental role to generate the complete stability.

Surface tension, hall currents, rotation parameter, solute parameter, ferromagnetic fluid, medium permeability, medium porosity

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Gupta, S. (2021). Effect of Surface Tension and Hall Currents on Rotatory Magneto-Thermosolutal Convection of Ferromagnetic Fluids Saturating Porous Medium. Asian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, 3(1), 1-12. Retrieved from https://globalpresshub.com/index.php/AJPAM/article/view/997
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