Consequences of Thermophoresis, and Brownian Motion on MHD Heat and Mass Transfer of Jeffrey’s Nano-fluid Flow Via a Perpendicular Plate


Published: 2023-10-11

Page: 414-429

U. K. Suma

Department of Mathematics, Bangladesh University, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh.

M. Katun

Department of Mathematics, Bangladesh University, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh.

R. Biswas *

Department of Mathematics, Bangladesh University, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


With the use of radiation, magnetohydrodynamics (MHD), chemical reactions, Brownian motion, and thermophoresis effects, this work aims to explore the heat and mass transfer of a chemically Jeffrey's nano-fluid flow over an accelerated stretched sheet. The flow model, which includes the distributions of momentum, temperature, and concentration, is built using the boundary layer approximation. The numerical values of the model's flow characteristics were then determined using an explicit finite difference method, and programming in Compaq Visual Fortran 6.6.a was created to simulate the fluid flow system. After a stability test, the results are plotted using the graphics program tecplot-9. The outcomes then show that the various dimensionless parameters considerably influence the fluid flow, temperature, and concentration distributions.  In this observation, initial boundary conditions were employed as U=T=C=0 and for \(\Delta\)t=0.005, \(\Delta\)X=0.50 and \(\Delta\)Y=0.50, then we exhibited the convergence criteria Sc\(\ge\) 0.24 and Le\(\ge\)0.40. In this article, other intriguing parameters have also been examined for the streams and isotherms.

Keywords: Jeffrey’s nanofluid, MHD, porous medium, chemical reaction

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Suma , U. K., Katun , M., & Biswas , R. (2023). Consequences of Thermophoresis, and Brownian Motion on MHD Heat and Mass Transfer of Jeffrey’s Nano-fluid Flow Via a Perpendicular Plate. Asian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, 5(1), 414–429. Retrieved from


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