Modeling and Interpretation of Prandtl Nanofluid Flow over an Infinite Perpendicular Absorbent Surface with Chemical Reaction, Variable Viscosity, and Hall Effect


Published: 2023-01-30

Page: 24-35

A. T. S. M. Masudul Hakim

Department of Mathematics, Rajuk Uttara Model College, Dhaka-1230, Bangladesh.

Md. Taibur Rahaman

Department of Mathematics, Rajuk Uttara Model College, Dhaka-1230, Bangladesh.

R. Biswas *

Department of Mathematics, Bangladesh University, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


The special and unknown elements of Prandtl nanofluid are discussed in this extant composition where the maturation of Soret, Hall breeze, and chemical reaction are permitted in this subordination. The recognized exemplar equation is transformed by utilizing distinguishable alikeness variables and the dimensionless equations are interpreted by the method of EFDM with the Fortran programming. In the result, the local Sherwood number reaches with the proliferation of Lewis number but diminishes qualitatively with the accumulation of thermophoresis parameter, Brownian movement parameter, and Soret numeral as well as momentum boundary layer thickness enlargements due to the squeezes of Permeability of passable medium from Kp=0.50 to Kp=1.50 but thermal boundary layer thickness proliferation by the augmenting from Nb=0.50 to Nb=1.50. The consequences are plotted after the stability and convergence test where U=T=C=0, Dt=0.0005, DX=0.83 and DY=0.50 are used and then the convergence criteria Sc³ 0.23 and Le³0.50 are exhibited with graphs.

Keywords: Prandtl nanofluid, chemical reaction, MHD

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Hakim, A. T. S. M. M., Rahaman, M. T., & Biswas, R. (2023). Modeling and Interpretation of Prandtl Nanofluid Flow over an Infinite Perpendicular Absorbent Surface with Chemical Reaction, Variable Viscosity, and Hall Effect. Asian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, 5(1), 24–35. Retrieved from


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