Numerical Solution of Advanced Stochastic Time-delay Differential Equations with Its Effects in E-commerce for Customers Satisfaction


Published: 2022-11-05

Page: 696-715

C. Chibuisi *

Department of Insurance, University of Jos, Jos, Nigeria.

B. O. Osu

Department of Mathematics, Abia State University, Uturu, Nigeria.

C. Olunkwa

Department of Mathematics, Abia State University, Uturu, Nigeria.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


This paper examined the stochastic time effects on the degree of customers’ satisfaction through the use of e-commerce for business transactions. These days, customers’ satisfaction in the use of e-commerce face serious challenges due to unforeseen, unpredicted and unexpected circumstances between the time orders/purchases of products are made and the delivery time. To improve customers’ satisfaction in the use of e-commerce and drastically reduce these uncertainties which result to advanced stochastic time-delay or random change in network failures during the verification of credit alerts by the sellers when orders are made, road accidents, bad road and long distance, we applied of Block Backward Differentiation Formulae Methods to solve some Advanced Stochastic Time-Delay Differential Equations (ASTDDEs). The convergence and stability analysis of the method were investigated. Based on the findings, it was recommended that companies and suppliers should ensure steady networks, provide alternative means for effective e-commerce between buyers and sellers to improve customer and supplier relationships and orders/purchases should be made from close-by companies/suppliers to avoid advanced stochastic time-delay. The results obtained were presented graphically and compared with other existing methods to prove the computational efficiency and accuracy of our method.

Keywords: Block method, backward differentiation formulae method, lead time, uncertainty, business transaction

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Chibuisi, C., Osu, B. O., & Olunkwa, C. (2022). Numerical Solution of Advanced Stochastic Time-delay Differential Equations with Its Effects in E-commerce for Customers Satisfaction. Asian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, 4(1), 696–715. Retrieved from


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