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2022 - Volume 4 [Issue 3]

Generalized Ernst Numbers

Yüksel Soykan

Page: 1-15
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Qualitative and Quantitave Determination of Silver in Silverex - Antimicrobial Cream Using Bentonite Modified Carbon Graphite Working Electrode

Duke Omondi Orata, Dorcas Gathoni Ngigi, David Kariuki

Page: 16-26
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Maximal Normal Subloops of Moufang Loop of Odd Order pα q4

Lois A. Ademola, Naphtali B. Jelten

Page: 42-47
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Reconstruction of Synthetic Model of the Three and Four Layers for Soil Investigation using Active Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves

A. Arisona, K. S. Ishola, . Muliddin, L. D. Safiuddin, Jamhir Safani, L. D. Nursalam, Fathi M. Abdullah, U. K. Nuraddeen

Page: 66-73
Abstract View: 320 times | PDF Download: 203 times

CFD Modeling of Rayleigh-benard Convection in a Closed Rectangular Enclosure Presenting a Sinusoidal Floor

Oumar Drame, Mariama N Koita, Abou Ndiaye, Cheikh Mbow

Page: 90-99
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Bounds for Fractional Characteristic Values of Block Matrices

Gil' Michael

Page: 100-107
Abstract View: 197 times | PDF Download: 109 times

Improved Faradaic Quality of Betamethasone-clotrimazole Redox Profile on A Bentonite Modified Carbon Graphite Working Electrode

Duke Omondi Orata, Dorcas Gathoni Ngigi, David Kinuthia Kariuki

Page: 108-120
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Emergence of Digital Systems through Indigenous Knowledge

Dipo Theophilus Akomolafe, Oluwatoyin Mary Yerokun

Page: 139-157
Abstract View: 264 times | PDF Download: 228 times

On the Review of Some Fundamental Classical Extension Results in the Set of Real Numbers

Eziokwu, C. Emmanuel, Nnubia Agatha, Okereke, N. Roseline

Page: 197-205
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On a Classical Review of the Fundamental Hahn-Banach Extension Result in Polynomial and Dirichlet Problem

Eziokwu, C. Emmanuel, Ekwoma Hannah

Page: 206-216
Abstract View: 215 times | PDF Download: 140 times

Derivation and Application of the Graeffe’s Roots Squaring Algorithm for the Second Order Polynomial of the form \(f(x)=0\)

O. D. Ogwumu, I. K. Andrew, E. O. Ogbaji, M. O. Ogofotha

Page: 217-227
Abstract View: 239 times | PDF Download: 142 times

Mathematical Modelling of Investment Strategies for Commercial Banks under Heston’s Volatility Model

U. C. Amadi, E. E. Akpanibah

Page: 228-240
Abstract View: 195 times | PDF Download: 123 times

Further Investigations on the Associators of Moufang Loops of Odd Order pqr4

Lois A. Ademola, Garba G. Zaku

Page: 241-247
Abstract View: 175 times | PDF Download: 87 times

Numerical Simulation of the Effect of with or without Low Random Perturbation and the Choice of Stability of a Dynamical System

I. C. Eli, Godspower C. Abanum

Page: 248-257
Abstract View: 162 times | PDF Download: 109 times

Convective Fluid Flow through a Sclerotic Oscillatory Artery in the Presence of Radiative Heat and a Magnetic Field

K.W. Bunonyo, G. D. Eli

Page: 258-278
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On the Analysis of Numerical Methods for Solving First Order Non-Linear Ordinary Differential Equations

A. Udoh, Ndipmong, P. Egbuhuzor, Udechukwu

Page: 279-289
Abstract View: 202 times | PDF Download: 143 times

Sensitivity and Mathematical Analysis of Malaria and Cholera Co-Infection

G. A. Adeniran, I. A. Olopade, S. O. Ajao, V. A. Akinrinmade, O. R. Aderele, S. O. Adewale

Page: 290-317
Abstract View: 155 times | PDF Download: 154 times

Biometric Iris Recognition Based on Dubechies Wavelet Transform

Md. Taibur Rahaman, Umma Kulsum Suma, Momotaz Katun, Rajib Biswas, Md. Rafiqul Islam

Page: 318-328
Abstract View: 164 times | PDF Download: 124 times

A Numerical Evolution of MHD Maxwell Fluid Flow through an Isothermal Radiated Stretching Sheet with Higher Order Chemical Reaction

M. A. Gazi, U. K. Suma, M. Katun, Md. Taibur Rahaman, Rajib Biswas, Sarder Firoz Ahmmed

Page: 329-353
Abstract View: 156 times | PDF Download: 116 times

Forecasting Malaria Cases in Adamawa State in Nigeria Using Autoregressive Moving Average (ARMA) Model

Ibrahim, Abdulmudallib, Bamigbala, Olateju Alao, Joshua Thankgod, Salihu Hauwa Danjuma

Page: 364-374
Abstract View: 141 times | PDF Download: 97 times

The Brocard Conjecture and Primes in Small Intervals

Jan Feliksiak

Page: 375-394
Abstract View: 161 times | PDF Download: 91 times

Impact of the Latent-isolation Compartment on the Modelling of Lassa Fever Epidemic in Nigeria

O. D. Ogwumu, R. O. James, T. P. Pantuvo

Page: 395-403
Abstract View: 132 times | PDF Download: 95 times

The Congruent Number Problem

Jan Feliksiak

Page: 404-417
Abstract View: 114 times | PDF Download: 95 times

An Improved Bound on the Sum of Prime Numbers

Monica U. Feliksiak

Page: 418-425
Abstract View: 115 times | PDF Download: 90 times

\(\text { Bounds on the Sum of } \sum(\log p)^2 \text { Terms }\)

Jan Feliksiak

Page: 426-436
Abstract View: 98 times | PDF Download: 76 times

Application of the Combined Aboodh and Reduced Differential Transform Methods to the Fisher's Type Equations

A. A. Oyewumi, R. A. Oderinu

Page: 437-450
Abstract View: 138 times | PDF Download: 119 times

The Maximal Prime Gaps Supremum and the Firoozbakht's Hypothesis No 30

Jan Feliksiak

Page: 451-464
Abstract View: 99 times | PDF Download: 67 times

Maximal Prime Gaps and the Nicholson's Conjecture

Jan Feliksiak

Page: 465-471
Abstract View: 113 times | PDF Download: 79 times

Fixed Point Theorems for Almost Generalized C-Contractive Mappings in Ordered Complete G-Metric Spaces

Nisha Kumari, Manoj Kumar

Page: 472-483
Abstract View: 92 times | PDF Download: 89 times

The Distribution of Primes in a Short Interval

Jan Feliksiak

Page: 484-500
Abstract View: 85 times | PDF Download: 59 times

Some New Results in Fuzzy Metric Space

. Deepika, Manoj Kumar

Page: 501-509
Abstract View: 98 times | PDF Download: 92 times

Fixed Point Theorem Using (CLR)-Property in Partial Metric Spaces

Preeti Bhardwaj, Manoj Kumar

Page: 510-521
Abstract View: 78 times | PDF Download: 80 times

Fixed Point Theorems for Hybrid Contractions in Partial Metric Spaces

Preeti Bhardwaj, Manoj Kumar

Page: 522-530
Abstract View: 65 times | PDF Download: 69 times

The New Members of Pell Sequence

Hasan Gökbaş

Page: 543-554
Abstract View: 112 times | PDF Download: 120 times

Application of Integro-differential Equations on an Inequality of Opial and Gronwall

Kemi Iyabo Apanpa, Wahab Rafiu Adesola

Page: 555-560
Abstract View: 55 times | PDF Download: 48 times

Numerical Solution of Advanced Stochastic Time-delay Differential Equations with Its Effects in E-commerce for Customers Satisfaction

C. Chibuisi, B. O. Osu, C. Olunkwa

Page: 561-580
Abstract View: 55 times | PDF Download: 44 times

Solutions to Stochastic Boundary Value Problems in Sobolev Spaces with Its Implications in Time-varying Investments

B. O. Osu, Isaac D. D. Essi, I. U. Amadi, I. Davies

Page: 581-599
Abstract View: 48 times | PDF Download: 32 times

Weak Estimation of Asset Value Function of Boundary Value Problem Arising in Financial Market

I. U. Amadi, I. Davies, B. O. Osu, I. D. Essi

Page: 600-615
Abstract View: 40 times | PDF Download: 21 times

Kpenadidum Distribution: Statistical Properties and Application

Barinaadaa John Nwikpe, Innocent Eli Cleopas

Page: 624-630
Abstract View: 18 times | PDF Download: 28 times

Fixed Point Theorems in Complete Metric Space Using E.A. and (CLR) Property

Manoj Kumar, . Deepika

Page: 631-638
Abstract View: 20 times | PDF Download: 33 times

The Impact of Markov Chain and Properties of Fundamental Matrix Solution in the Analysis of Stock Market Price Variation in Finite Domain

Amadi, Innocent Uchenna, Kanu, Nkechinyere Faith, Anyamele, Bethel Azunna

Page: 639-659
Abstract View: 17 times | PDF Download: 10 times

On Applications of Power Series Solution of Legendre’s Equation to Orbital Angular Momentum Operator Problems

Eziokwu, C. Emmanuel, Okereke, N. Roseline, Nwosu Chidinma

Page: 48-65
Abstract View: 322 times | PDF Download: 205 times

On Distributional Derivatives with Laurent Series Approach to its Products

Eziokwu, C. Emmanuel

Page: 74-89
Abstract View: 213 times | PDF Download: 155 times

On Review of Some Analytical Methods of Solution of the Boundary Value Ordinary Differential Problems Using Sturm-Liouville’s and Green’s Functions

Eziokwu, C. Emmanuel, Okereke, N. Roseline, Okoroafor Chineneye, Ogenyi Hannah

Page: 121-138
Abstract View: 222 times | PDF Download: 152 times

On the Review of Some Stability Properties of Fixed Points for Linear Differential Systems

Eziokwu, C. Emmanuel, Aboaja Onyinyechi, Ekwoma Hannah

Page: 158-170
Abstract View: 218 times | PDF Download: 134 times

On a Review of the Basic Taylor Series Theory with an Application to the Kinetic Equation

Eziokwu, C. Emmanuel, Okereke, N. Roseline, Nwosu Chidinma, Ukeje Emenike

Page: 178-196
Abstract View: 255 times | PDF Download: 135 times

Brahmagupta and the Concept of Zero

Monica Feliksiak

Page: 354-363
Abstract View: 185 times | PDF Download: 106 times

Use of Grey Numbers and Soft Sets as Assessment Tools

Michael Gr. Voskoglou

Page: 171-177
Abstract View: 218 times | PDF Download: 144 times

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