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2023 - Volume 5 [Issue 1]

Azimuthal Shear Wave in an Incompressible Yeoh Hollow Circular Cylinder

Nwagwu Isaac Ogazie, Bassey Julius Effiong, Obi Chinwe Nma


Optimal Order Quantity for Risk-averse Vendors with Perishable Items

Fuseini Abdul-Razak Chinto, Nathaniel Kayode Oladejo


The Intersection of Similarity and Metric Equivalence Relations of Operators

Nzimbi Bernard Mutuku, Moindi Stephen Kibet, Luketero Stephen Wanyonyi


Two-points Interpolation of Curves and Functions

Dariusz Jacek Jakóbczak, Krzysztof Rokosz


Catalan Transformation of (s; t) Padovan Sequences

. Priyanka, Shilpa Kapoor, Pankaj Kumar


A Study on Properties of (n;m)- Hyponormal Operators

Kikete, D. Wabuya, Luketero, S. Wanyonyi, Mile, J. Kitheka, Wafula, A. W. Wanyonyi


Parameters Estimation of COVID-19 SEIR Model

Sunday Nwokpoku Aloke , Emmanuel Nwaeze , Louis Omenyi, Michael Uchenna


Three-step Method of Volterra Integral Equation of the Second Kind

D. Raymond , A. Adu , P. O. Olanrewaju , R. Ajia


Euclidean Controllability of Linear Systems with Delayed State and Control Variables

Adiela Chukwumela , Davies Iyai , Adols Okechukwu Nwaoburu


Network Intrusion Detection System Using XGBoost and Random Forest Algorithms

Agu Edward Onyebueke, Addakenjo Ali David, Stephen Munu


Sentiment Analysis Over Tweets Using Gated Recurrent Unit

Agu Edward O. , Bako Jeremy Zevini, Andrew Ishaku Wreford


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