Assessment of Physical and Chemical Properties of Soils at Gournadi Upazila under Barisal District


Published: 2020-10-14

Page: 49-58

Md. Redwan Khan

Department of Soil Science, Patuakhali Science and Technology University, Bangladesh.

Md. Isfatuzzaman Bhuyan

Department of Agronomy, Patuakhali Science and Technology University, Bangladesh.

Nowrose Jahan Lipi

Department of Agronomy, Patuakhali Science and Technology University, Bangladesh.

Md. Monirul Slam *

Department of Soil Science, Patuakhali Science and Technology University, Bangladesh.

Tanvir Hasan Swadhin

Department of Agroforestry, Patuakhali Science and Technology University, Bangladesh.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


The soil samples were collected from Gournadi Upazila of the Barishal district of Bangladesh. The soils were analyzed for texture, pH, EC, N, P, K, S, and Na to determine the qualitative analysis of some essential plant nutrients in agricultural soil to examine the nutrient status of soils for assessing crop suitability. The texture classes were silt loam in Gournadi Upazila. Sand fractions varied from 13.25-26.25%. Silt fractions varied from 44.5-77.5% and clay fractions varied from 10.25-29.25%. The soil pH of Gournadi ranged from 7.16-8.72. The soil of this zone is practically alkaline. Measurement of electrical conductivity helps to identify the level of salinity. The EC values ranged from 0.09-0.24 dS/m which indicated the soils were none saline. Total N content at Gournadi ranged from 0.028-0.74%. The average total N content observed at this Upazilla was 0.11%. The amount of total N in maximum locations was Optimum. This might be due to the addition of high organic matter, remaining of crop residue in the field. The amount of available P in Gournadi ranged from 9.25-24.11 ppm. The average of available P in here was 16.72ppm. The Exchangeable K of Gournadi ranged from 0.13-0.36 me/100 g soils. The available S content of Gournadi ranged from 14.16-24.18 ppm. The average concentration of available S was 18.65 ppm. The Na+ concentration ranged from 0.19-1.07%. The average sodium concentration was found at 0.45%. It can be stated that most of the soil nutrients status of the study areas were lies at the optimum level which is good for crop production.

Keywords: Physical, chemical, properties of soils, Gournadi, Upazila, Barisal District.

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Khan, M. R., Bhuyan, M. I., Lipi, N. J., Slam, M. M., & Swadhin, T. H. (2020). Assessment of Physical and Chemical Properties of Soils at Gournadi Upazila under Barisal District. Asian Journal of Research in Biosciences, 2(1), 49–58. Retrieved from


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