A Review on Alternate-leaved Butterfly-bush: Buddleja alternifolia

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Hussein A. H. Said-Al Ahl
Wafaa M. Hikal


The current review sheds light on plants of the genus Buddleja, specifically Buddleja alternifolia, due to it not mentioned much and its medicinal qualities and uses thanks to its chemical components. Our review comprises these aspects include specie belonging to the genus Buddleja and the important chemical compounds such as steroids, Sesquiterpenes, iridoids, lignans, flavonoids and others. In addition, listing and reviewing the studies that have been done on a group of these plants on biological competencies, including many of the  potent  biologically  active  natural products isolated from Genus Buddleja, which is known for having many important pharmacologically active substances.Traditionally, species of the genus are reported to be used for healing, treatment of liver diseases, bronchial complaints, preventing  several other diseases by exhibiting diuretic properties, sedative functions, analgesic potential, antirheumatic actions, antimicrobial activities, anti hyperglycemic functions and antioxidant properties. A very  small  number  of  common  species  of  the  Genus Buddleja  have  been  investigated for their biological potential. So for,  purposes of  the review is shedding light on the plants of the genus Buddleja and Buddleja alternifolia being promising plants and conducting further examination, study and investigation of their chemical components and biological efficiency.

Alternate-leaved butterfly-bush, Buddleja alternifolia, chemical constituents, traditional medicine, antimicrobial, antispasmodic, antioxidant

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