Plant Diseases: A Challenge for Food Security

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Muhammad Asif Ilyas
Fazal Ur Rehman
Maria Kalsoom
Iqra Ilyas
Haroon Ilahi
Rana Usama Iqbal
. Khadija
Sana Ahmad


The lack of resources committed to crop disease research, mainly in developing nations, compounds the issue. This could be due to poor management, but it could also be due to the challenge of quantitative measurements plant pathogens and connecting it to production failure to achieve reasonable yields. Plant pathology appears to be significantly defunded in comparison to its relevance because of the need to provide such solid facts to managers and representatives. We hope that this analysis will encourage crop pathologists, especially those in developing countries, to concentrate on collection of data. Furthermore, it is expected that once they have solid facts, they will become more efficient in obtaining sufficient and reasonable support from governments and other public and private sector entities in order to successfully combat plant pathogens that ruin their many valuable products.

Food security, plant diseases, environmental variations, agricultural land, stressed conditions, integrated management.

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Asif Ilyas, M., Rehman, F. U., Kalsoom, M., Ilyas, I., Ilahi, H., Usama Iqbal, R., Khadija, ., & Ahmad, S. (2021). Plant Diseases: A Challenge for Food Security. Asian Journal of Research in Biosciences, 3(2), 1-5. Retrieved from
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