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2022 - Volume 4 [Issue 2]

The Impact of Pawpaw (Carica papaya) Leaves Extract on Some Biochemical Markers, Organ and Carcass Traits of Broiler Chickens in Nsukka- Nigeria

C. Ezenwosu, C. O. Okeke, N. S. Machebe

Page: 7-14
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Alkaloids of Jatropha curcas [L] Plant Parts as Control Agent of Root-Knot Nematode Disease on Okra for Improved Yield

V. E. Ogwudire, C. M. Agu, E. M Nwokeji, N. C. Ewelike

Page: 40-51
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Effects of Wrapping Materials on the Microbial Population and Proximate Composition of Steamed Bambara Bean Pudding (OKPA)

Omorodion Nnenna J. P, Alobari Rosemary

Page: 52-59
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Microbiological Quality Assessment of Ready-to-Eat Snacks

Omorodion Nnenna J. P.

Page: 60-70
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Chemical and Microbiological Assessment of Plantain (Musa parasidisiaca)

Omorodion, Nnenna J. P., Chinwo, Lucky C.

Page: 71-80
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Ultrastructure of the Infection of Sorghum bicolor and Zea mays by Pythium species

Gichuru Virginia, Okori Patrick, Buruchara Robin, Mahuku George

Page: 81-88
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Pathogenicity within Bean Pythium Pathosystems of South western Uganda

V. Gichuru, P. Okori, R. Buruchara

Page: 89-97
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A Numerical Review: Computational Approach of Heat and Mass Transfer Casson Nanofluid Flow through a Vertical Isothermal Cylinder

M. Katun, Md. Taibur Rahaman, Md Rajib Hossain, U. K. Suma, R. Biswas

Page: 98-108
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Effect of Plant Spacing \Density and Inter Cropping on the Growth and Wilt Disease of Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill), Owerri Metropolis, Imo State, Nigeria

E. M. Nwokeji, C. M. Agu, G. O. Ihejirika, C. Peter-Onoh, V. E. Ogwudire, S. E. Okere

Page: 109-115
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Ecological Investigation on Acacia senegal, Sudan

Eisa M. Ahmed

Page: 35-39
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Remote Sensing in Studying Vegetation Cover, Sudan

Eisa M. Ahmed, El Gunaid F. Hassan

Page: 1-6
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The Circadian Clock: An Essential Biological Rhythm

Yakubu, Ojochenemi Ejeh, Umaru, John Isaac, Udeh, Sylvester Michael Chukwuka, Ale, Ebenezer Morayo, Iorkuse, Terhemba, Ezekiel

Page: 15-20
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Forensic Toxicology; a Probe into the Future

Olawale Otitoju, Ebenezer Morayo Ale, Ojochemi Ejeh Yakubu, Ozioma Prince Emmanuel

Page: 21-34
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Counteracting the Phytic Acid through Phytase Supplementation in Broiler Production: A Review

Kalpesh K. Sorathiya, Mahipal Choubey, V. R. Patel, S. G. Vahora, M. D. Jadhav

Page: 116-121
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Selected Food Contaminants and their Interference with Nutrient Utilization by the Body System: Current Insights

Moses, Abah Adondua, Yakubu, Ojochenemi Ejeh, Ugwoke, Kenneth Chinekwu, Anih, David Chinonso, Oduh, Victoria Onyemowo, Akor, Andrew Adikwu

Page: 122-132
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