Asian Journal of Medical Case Reports

A Worm; Not A Germ: Managing Cutaneous Larva Migrans at Kuang Health Clinic, Selangor, Malaysia

Jeyaratnam Jeyaprakasam, Nantha Kumar Jeyaprakasam

Page: 5-8
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Traumatic Common Carotid Artery Transection: A Case Report of Primary Carotid Artery Repair with Survival and No Neurological Sequelae

C. C. Tang, M. A. Zairul, C. G. Yew

Page: 9-12
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Fungal Infection Causing a Diagnostic Dilemma!

Tasneem S. Bohra, Hakim Shaikh, Pralhad Prabhudesai

Page: 13-18
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Adult Onset Giant Cystic Hygroma with Rapid Growth: A Rare Presentation

Rohit Bhardwaj, Priti Lal, Gul Motwani, Karthika Nathan, Chirayata Basu

Page: 19-23
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Paraduodenal Hernia: Case Report of a Rare Internal Hernia

Abdulaziz Aldhafar

Page: 1-4
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