Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis Triggered by Herpes Virus Infection: A Case Report

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Published: 2022-04-30

Page: 37-41

Enes Tarık Inci *

Neurology Department, Ankara Training and Research Hospital, Turkey.

Selda Keskin Güler

Neurology Department, Ankara Training and Research Hospital, Turkey.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Anti-N-Methyl-D-Aspartate(NMDA) receptor encephalitis may be considered in patients who have been diagnosed with herpes encephalitis and have not benefited from anti-viral therapy. We were consulted by a patient who received treatment with a diagnosis of herpes encephalitis, but due to the development of agitation, psychosis and dyskinesia after treatment. The patient's intracranial magnetic resonance imaging(MRI) and electroencephalography(EEG) findings suggested anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis. Immunotherapy treatment was started immediately, cancer research was started with the detection of a positive anti-NMDA receptor studied in the cerebrospinal fluid, but the result was negative. It may not be easy to diagnose anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis. MRI and EEG findings are important for evaluating differential diagnoses in patients with encephalitis. Although cancer studies are found to be negative when anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis is diagnosed, cancer studies of patients should be renewed at regular intervals.

Keywords: Anti-NMDA receptor antibody, herpes encephalitis, lateralized periodic discharges, delta brush, encephalitis

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