Endovascular Stenting for Arterial Injury in Trauma: A Case Report

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R. Kishen
K. Zalikha
K. Krishna
S. Lenny
M. Azim
N. Azuan


The utilization of endovascular interventions with a covered stent for vascular injuries are in rising trend. The approach was first introduced in 1991 with ballon-expandable intraluminal graft for subclavian artery injury. Axillary artery involvement rarely occurs in trauma, as it is protected in the thoracic inlet; however, injuries can cause significant morbidity and even mortality to patients. Surgical exploration and repair of axillary artery poses substantial challenge to surgeons, with potential exacerbation of iatrogenic trauma to neurovascular bundles and other surrounding structures. Endovascular technique is amenable to overcome these difficult anatomic regions. We obtained consent and describe a case of traumatic proximal axillary artery injury in a young man that was successfully managed with endovascular stenting.

Endovascular intervention, axillary artery injury, vascular injury, covered stent

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Kishen, R., Zalikha, K., Krishna, K., Lenny, S., Azim, M., & Azuan, N. (2021). Endovascular Stenting for Arterial Injury in Trauma: A Case Report. Asian Journal of Medical Case Reports, 3(2), 16-21. Retrieved from https://globalpresshub.com/index.php/AJMCR/article/view/1273
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