Endovascular Stenting for Inadvertent Right Subclavian Artery Puncture: A Case Report

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R. Kishen
C. H. Chia
K. Krishna
S. Lenny
Mohd Azim Idris
Nik Azuan


Though central venous catheterization is a fairly common procedure done in clinical settings, it is not without its own complications that could pose danger of morbidity and mortality to the patients. When arterial puncture is suspected, the catheter should be left in place and the Vascular Surgeon should be alerted. The definitive management could be via open surgical repair or endovascular intervention. We describe a case of inadvertent right subclavian artery puncture following right internal jugular vein catheterization that was successfully treated with endovascular intervention.

Central venous catheterization, subclavian artery puncture, subclavian artery stenting

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Kishen, R., Chia, C. H., Krishna, K., Lenny, S., Idris, M. A., & Azuan, N. (2021). Endovascular Stenting for Inadvertent Right Subclavian Artery Puncture: A Case Report. Asian Journal of Medical Case Reports, 3(2), 5-9. Retrieved from https://globalpresshub.com/index.php/AJMCR/article/view/1261
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