Asian Journal of Economics, Finance and Management

Personality Traits and Investor Decisions

Muneeb Ahmad, Zhou Maochun

Page: 19-34
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Oil Prices Shock in Indian Stock and Oil Market

Mohit Pandey, Mohit Mayank

Page: 46-55
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Testing the Stationarity of Beta for IT Sector Stocks in Indian Stock Markets

Mihir Dash, Silky Sonthalia Sundarka

Page: 13-18
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Do Spot Rate Volatility and Forward Market Intervention by the Central Bank Impact the Forward Premia in India?

Dipankar Biswas, Sunil Kumar, Anand Prakash

Page: 1-12
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Impact of News of the Subprime Crisis on Bank Stock Returns

Mihir Dash

Page: 35-45
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