IT Governance Maturity and Its Impact on Organizational Performance


Published: 2021-03-25

Page: 90-94

Farhang Salehi *

Research Department, APH Rosha, Iran.

Bentolhoda Abdollahbeigi

Research Department, APH Rosha, Iran.

Seyedyaser Sajjady

Research Department, APH Rosha, Iran.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Nowadays the critical role of using information technology in business activities is well known, and its importance has been proven both in practice and scientifically in various fields. In the current era, the existence of many facilities in the field of IT, as well as the existence of various technologies in business, raises the question in mind that to what extent the use of these technologies will be in line with the business goals of the organization? To achieve long-term goals, organizations develop strategic plans and always try to consider IT-based strategies and choose their IT investment and management as a strategy. How these strategies aligned with each other, identified and measured needs to be explored. ITGI (Information Technology Governance Institute), one of the most reputable authorities in the field of information technology infrastructure, introduced a tool called COBIT. Through monitoring and evaluation of 34 IT processes in four areas of planning, implementation, support, and evaluation, this tool depicts the competitiveness of the organization and aligns business strategies with IT strategies, which is the most important goal of governance Evaluates and measures information technology.

Keywords: IT Governance, maturity, IT strategies, organizational performance.

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