Mission-oriented Company, Promising Management Model « Models of Western Companies and Prospects for Algerian Companies »


Published: 2021-01-28

Page: 10-15

Tafiani Al-Muzdada Bou Fateh *

Faculty Economic Sciences, University Abu Bakr Belkaid, Tlemcen, Algeria.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Over the past ten years or so, new legal forms have emerged in various countries to encourage companies to use their economic performance to serve a mission (social, societal, environmental) defined in the social object, enforceable by stakeholders. The Mission enterprise aims to place its economic model and its search for profit in the service of a social or environmental goal based on a general and transparent formulation of the mission. Here are some examples of French companies that have (successfully) taken up this challenge: like company with mission and innovation; Camif; Nutriset; Nature & Decouvertes. Among the most important proposed conditions for the success of this model. In Algeria, several adaptation attempts developed and implemented by the owner of the production company have been unsuccessful. Everything is mobilized for the development of a development model, based on a sense of collective responsibility, capable of producing progress while respecting the fundamental balances, which make the cement and the specificity of the country. And this can be achieved through an innovation recently adopted by many countries around the world; that is the mission enterprise. Among the most important conditions proposed for the success of this model in Algeria, we should have a less restrictive vision, and the energies must be released.

Keywords: Mission models, algerian enterprises, french companies innovation, RSE, ESS.

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