The Impact of Fan Page Engagement on Consumer Purchase Intension on Fashion Brands in Sri Lanka

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N. Nimantha Liyanage


Today, the world is evolving around social media and so is the business and business communication. Social media platforms mainly Facebook in which commercial and social networking elements have evolved in many ways to serve as business/ marketing communication tool. Social media is recognized as an impressive form of online communication where people create friendships, communities, network which gather and share information, messages and ideas. Businesses nowadays use fan pages to provide information of their products or services to existing and potential customers with the aim of increasing the purchase intention. Hence the marketing practitioners are keen to understand the impact of the consumer purchase intention through their fan page. Accordingly, the purpose of this study is to examine and analyse the impact of fan page engagement on consumer purchase intention of fashion brands in Sri Lanka. The objective of the study is to analyse whether or not the main features of fan page engagement which are trust, EWOM (Electronic Word of Mouth) and value co-creation makes an impact on Sri Lankan fashion brand consumers. Therefore, the researcher selected quantitative research methodology adopting to the deductive research approach. A self-administered questionnaire is distributed among 120 Facebook users. Among 120 responses received, 105 completed questionnaires were finally employed for statistical analysis.   Sample was selected based on non-random sampling method. Through the existing literature; trust, EWOM and value co-creation are identified as three independent variables while purchase intention is the dependent. The finding of the research revealed that the EWOM (0.335,0.00) has a significant relationship and value co-creation (0.655,0.00) has a significant positive relationship with the purchase intention, yet the relationship of trust (0.142, 0.150) and purchase intention was not significant.

Electronic Word of Mouth (EWOM), fashion brands, purchase intention, social media marketing, trust, value co-creation.

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