Personality Traits and Investor Decisions

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Muneeb Ahmad
Zhou Maochun


In the financial market, investor are considered as rational. They have knowledge and information about for financial market. But still they have not same output so that investor can be divided into high and low risk tolerance because higher the risk higher the return. Prior researcher identifies some Personality traits and psychological biases shows. This study aim to identify the high/ low financial risk tolerance associated with each big five which are Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, neuroticism and Openness to experience. This study also checks the Psychological biases which is significant with these five personality traits. We circulated 150 questionnaires among the investors trading in Pakistan stock exchange in which 120 questionnaires are received back for 2018. The multiple results finding show the positive relationship between Conscientiousness, neuroticism and Openness are found in our study.

Personality traits, mental accounting, risk aversion behavior, financial risk tolerance.

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