Chief Executive Officers Share Ownership and Performance: A Review and Research Agenda

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Published: 2022-03-23

Page: 245-250

Nathan Wamalwa Wafula *

Amoud University Somaliland, Somaliland.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


The chief executive officer (CEO) share ownership is getting to be prevalent in corporate world, a pattern that is mostly being perused as a characteristic of trust in the organizations. This paper provides an over view of chief executive officer share ownership and performance in developed countries from literature reviews and there empirical findings. The paper provides further insight for research under this area in developing countries. Two schools of thought from literature express mixed views,  the first school of thought expresses that there exits an association between chief executive officer proprietorship and organizational performance while the second school of thought are of the opposite view. The review concluded that it is evident that there exits mixed results between chief executive officer share ownership and performance. Hence this paper opens up a platform for a research agenda in developing countries of whether CEO share ownership has an effect on performance.

Keywords: Chief executive officer, share ownership, performance, managerial entrenchment theory

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