2020 - Volume 2 [Issue 1]

Original Research Article

Desiccation and Freezing Sensitivity of Selected Groundnut Genotypes for Germplasm Conservation

Entisar Elilah, B. Mohammed Ahmed, Faisal, E. Ahmed, Makeen, A. Makeen, Salah Eldeen, E. Ahmed

A Potential Application of Infrared Thermography (IRT) in Mediterranean Lactating Buffalo

Fiorella Sarubbi, Giuseppe Grazioli, Giuseppe Auriemma, Raffaele Palomba

Short Research Articles

Antioxidant and Anti Nitrosative Selectivity Index of Selected Antidiabetic Plants

Carla Lopez- Soriano, Michaela Fuchs, Amaka Ezuruike, Jose M. Prieto

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