Asian Basic and Applied Research Journal

A Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR) For Protecting Hybrid Grids

Khodakhast Nasiriani, Mohsen Pasandi

Page: 1-10
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A Potential Application of Infrared Thermography (IRT) in Mediterranean Lactating Buffalo

Fiorella Sarubbi, Giuseppe Grazioli, Giuseppe Auriemma, Raffaele Palomba

Page: 11-16
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The Risk Profile of Pesticide and PCB Residues in Imported Meat Consumed in Egypt

Eman E. Elsharkawy, Ahmed A. Sharkawy, Wafaa A. Aly

Page: 17-36
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Evaluation of the Effects of Nano-Metal Oxide (Nano-SiO2, Nano-HfO2, Nano-CeO2, Nano-Ta2O5) on Microtox, Algae and Daphnia magna

Nefise Erdinçmer, Delia Teresa Sponza

Page: 37-42
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Antioxidant and Anti Nitrosative Selectivity Index of Selected Antidiabetic Plants

Carla Lopez- Soriano, Michaela Fuchs, Amaka Ezuruike, Jose M. Prieto

Page: 43-49
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Development of an HPLC Method for the Quality Control of Chinese Herbal Medicinal Formulation: Three Yellow Cleanser (San Huang Xi Ji)

Hanako Darby, Jose M. Prieto Garcia

Page: 50-60
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