A Performance Analysis of Power Distribution Utilities of Haryana

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Kamaljit Singh
Simmi Vashishtha


In this paper, a discussion has been made about the installed generation capacity, power availability and power sold the number of electricity consumers, sector-wise electricity consumed, pending electricity bills, credit rating and settlement of pending electricity bills in the Haryana. The one reason behind the pending electricity bills may be the promises made by political parties at the time of elections to waive-off the electricity bills. This provides protection to consumers, especially in political sensitive districts. So, the Haryana Power Utilities (HPUs) are required to be changed adequately from substantial losses to the sound profit-making units by taking legitimate actions. The accessibility and availability of moderate and subjective power offer fuel to the motor of monetary development.

Power discoms, operational and financial performance, electricity consumption, defaulted amount, credit ratings, UDAY scheme

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Singh, K., & Vashishtha, S. (2020). A Performance Analysis of Power Distribution Utilities of Haryana. Asian Basic and Applied Research Journal, 2(1), 13-19. Retrieved from https://globalpresshub.com/index.php/ABAARJ/article/view/833
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