The Importance of Visual Management as a Motivator of Human Capital and Optimization of the Results of the Productive System

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Cássio Aurélio Suski


This paper presents new achievements in people management that allow for the increase of competitive edge of organizations. It also points out the importance of the implementation of new production methods such as process automation or agility and shows the need of employees’ participation and their value within the organization, demonstrating the fundamental importance of people for business growth and development. By this article the management of human resources is highlighted and the resulting optimization of the production system through the visual management and its quality tools is shown. In this sense, a conceptual approach to talent guidance based on management and productive control was used in this article. Modern corporations pursue results through production management system improvements, automation of production lines and advancement of technological skills. The development of production techniques such as Just-in-Time and Kanban supports decision making, facilitates process management and benefits human assets. Retaining of brains has become the prime issue for the success of corporations. These profound changes have given rise to a new society, the knowledge society. It is demonstrated that human capital in organizations has the individual as the main character and generator of knowledge, being a differential in the establishment of indicators and in obtaining results to achieve new goals and the success of the organization. Recent studies have shown relevant results in relation to the influence of the companies favorable organizational climate on the motivation of its employees and in interviews conducted in these studies, the percentages are observed above 73%. The study of the strategies used by the companies shows as results the valorization of the talent as competitive differential and stimulator of the process of innovation of the team and of the project management, besides having a strategic vision of the business in which the organization is inserted.

Human capital, visual management, production systems, motivation, optimization

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