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2022 - Volume 6 [Issue 3]

Prediction of Electricity Potential from Solid Waste Generated in Two Universities in Nigeria

L. Salami, D. O. Olumuyiwa, R. J. Patinvoh

Page: 8-16
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Application of Frugal Innovations in a Global Context

Yashoda L. Velananda, D. M. R. Dissanayake, C. N. Wickramasinghe

Page: 17-28
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Effects and Mechanisms of Melatonin Priming on Seedlings Establishment of two Wheat Cultivars under Salt Stress

Feisal M. Ismaeil, Salah Eldeen E. Ahmed, Abderhim A. Jabereldar, Ahmed M. El Naim, Elshiekh A. Ibrahim, Entisar Elilah B. Mohammed Ahmed

Page: 29-41
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Effect of Marital Counselling on Marital Stability among Married Couples in Niger State, Nigeria

I. D. Reamen Justina, Aminu Abubakar, O. Akobi Thomas

Page: 42-51
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A Mini Review on Synthesis, Morphology and Applications of PtP2 Nanoparticles

P. P. George

Page: 1-7
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