Rapid in vitro Propagation of Physalis angulata: A Valuable Medicinal Plant

Ayyadurai V., Ramar K.

Page: 1-6
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Biological Removal of Cadmium by Halomonas elongate IBRC-M10433 in Different Conditions: Optimization by Taguchi Statistical Approach

Zahra Kahrarian, Mojtaba Taran, Mohammad Alimoradi, Ahmad Tajehmiri

Page: 7-13
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Effects of Silicon on the Yield and Cadmium Accumulation of Rice Grain

Kaiqiang Chu, Yuankang Liu, Jianguo Liu

Page: 34-39
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Investigation of Cadmium Biodegradation by Bacteria and Comparison with Other Biodegradable Materials

Zahra Kahrarian, Parviz Mohamadi, Samaneh Moradi

Page: 23-33
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